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Canadian Premiere - Pacific National Exhibition - Vancouver, BC

August 22nd 2015 - September 5th 2015 


"No single location in Vancouver captures the spirit and history of this city, its people and its many achievements as the Pacific National Exhibition.

Since 1910, millions of guests have enjoyed shows, exhibits, sporting events, amusement rides, concerts, cultural activities and, of course, the annual summer Fair at the PNE."

US Premiere - Henry Fort Museum - Dearborn, MI

April 28th 2016 - September 8th 2016


"The sheer scope and design of Henry Ford Museum is as grand as the vision that inspired it. It’s impossible not to feel a sense of awe as your mind adjusts to a different sense of scale — more vast, more expansive and more diverse— by far— than anything you'll encounter in everyday life. The sweeping, single-floor space with its soaring 40-foot ceilings covers nine acres dedicated to showcasing the finest collection of its kind ever assembled."

Putnam Museum and Science Center - Davenport, IA

March 9th 2017 - June 4th 2017


"In recent years, the Putnam has begun bringing world-renowned blockbuster exhibits such as Diana: A Celebration and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition to the Quad Cities."

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