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Lennon Sailing to Bermuda: 1980

I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend visiting Bath, Maine, and climbing aboard the sailboat "Megan Jaye" (now called "Jubilee"). Lennon had commissioned the ship in the summer of 1980 to sail down to Bermuda. On the way, the boat encountered terrible weather, and Lennon was asked to take the helm, to allow the sick and exhausted crew some time to recover. This experienced changed him, and sparked a fire for him to write music again, which is exactly what he did when he finally made it to Bermuda. "Starting Over", "Woman", and "Watching the Wheels" to name a few, we're part of one of the most prolific creative times of his life.

Please read the amazing article by By Brian R. San Souci for the Rhode Island Monthly telling the whole story.

Pictured: The Megan Jaye in full sail, and John and Sean on the boat.

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